3.0 Mercruiser clicking sound when trying to start.

by Guest8105  |  8 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I have power to the starter solenoid, to the circuit breaker and to the turn key. I replaced the Starter and solenoid thinking it was ceased or corroded. The clicking sound is coming from a module between the started and circuit breaker. I'm hoping there is a trick or do I replace the module? I ran and started fine last year.

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  1. Guest3567
    4.3 engine bravo 2 outdrives---just replaced impellor ---- smoke came out of intake on the lower unit ---where the rabbit ears hook uo---

  2. Guest3471
    They have 2 Solenoids, one on starter and one on engine..  It is probaby the 2nd one on the engine,,,  easy to change..
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