340-020 Movement Set-Up. is there a was to asjust the movement mime is running fast

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is there a was to asjust the movement mime is running fast

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  1. pabitraghadai
    hi there,

    If this is a brand new movement and not a refurbished or new-old-stock movement, this should not be happening. You can tell the manufacture date by the capital letter stamped above the movement number. M=2000, N=2001, etc. If its older than "S" you may want to apply a very small drop of clock oil at each point where a gear shaft end enters the front and back main plates. The chime hammer "tails" come to rest against a steel post; there should be a slight film of clear clock grease along this post at the point where the hammer tails come to rest against it.

        Make sure that all three keys are wound all the way. Next, check that the chime hammers are not hitting against each other or any part of the case, or hitting the chime rods between two rods rather than square-on.

    The movement mounting pieces (that attach the movement to the wood case) should be aligned properly, so that the when you install the movement in the case, a mounting piece hole is directly over a hole in the wood of the case. In other words, you should not have to force or twist on the movement to get it to line up with the holes in the case. This can cause the movement to "rack", that is, put a twisting pressure on the front main plate.

    Other than these things, I would check the movement closely for any point where parts may be hitting the case. Excluding all these possibilities, about the only possibility left is a bent gear shaft in the chime train. This sometimes happens if the shaft is accidentally pushed on during installation.


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