4 tips for a healthy financial future

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4 tips for a healthy financial future

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    If anyone has to worry we achieve an organized financial life, we are women. Not only because we represent more than half of Mexico's population (57.5 million), but because we have certain characteristics and specific advantages and disadvantages we should take into account when planning a better future.

    According to the financial education program MasterCard, women involved in the production of goods and services (employed population) account for 94.8 % of the population economic, economically active women in Mexico, while 5.2 % are women looking for work but can not find (unemployment rate), according to the INEGI.

    Tips for a healthy financial life

    Since women are an important part of the Mexican economy, we must consider these four aspects to prepare and have a healthy financial future.

    • In retirement. According to the basic indicators of the National Population Council in Mexico life expectancy is 77.9 years for women and 73.2 for men. Therefore, women should have higher retirement savings because you will have more years to overcome.

    According to the document " Financial Advantages and disadvantages for women " Consumointeligente program, "in many cases women are more breaks in working life than men. An example might be to stop working some years by the pregnancy or the arrival of children.

    Right now the social security contributions are stopped, including retirement, and this impacts the retirement you can have either satellite or Pension Afore the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS). "


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