4 tips to not get bored after marriage

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4 tips to not get bored after marriage

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  1. Guest102331
    Although marriage is a step that most of us look forward, after the big event in our lives, and is definitely not the same. The relationship with your partner can begin to be drab and worn, but we want to leave some advice so you do not extinguish the flame of passion.

    1. fiddles

    The niñospuedenhacer carascuando dasa will unbeso your partner on the lips, but what andcannot see donot make them small juegocon raro.Un feet below the mesapodrÃ_aser everything quenecesitas paraconcretar unanoche memorable (once your children will lacama).

    Two. Plan a few hours

    Having time with your partner requires planning (nanny, restaurant, cinema, etc..), But it gives new life to the relationship. You can visit a museum, have a picnic, go to the park, just like before marrying and having children. You can even rent a room in a hotel and have their own uninterrupted afternoon.

    Three. Not everything is passion

    Remember that things have changed and you are no longer only 2 now have children and probably end up at the end of the day tired, sometimes listless, even s*x. So do not worry if you ever decide to go to bed early, will be a welcome break for both.

    April. Relax

    If you usually eat dinner in front of the TV, when haceralgunos small vezen ajustesde can help. Drink a glass of vinoen lamitad of all foulbrood semanaes some parejasnecesitan.Por what menostomen15 minutes to talk nonsense or banalities, you must exit the routine conversations of children or household problems.

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