4th generation iPod touch features

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I am searching for the features of 4th generation iPod touch. Actually I am planning to buy latest iPod touch available in the market. So please help me in detail.

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  1. Jennifer

     "The 4th-generation iPod touch from Apple has a front outlook of the touch, and marks the hardware characteristics that are mentioned below.

    • Camera: One of the touch's two cameras. This one is particularly significant for the utilization with FaceTime. It can take photographs and video at 800 x 600 upto 30 frames/second.

    • Volume buttons - The two buttons on the edge of the touch pad let you increase and reduce its volume.

    • Home button - The unique use of this button is multitasking, restarting the touch, and quitting crashed apps. This also reverts you back again to the homescreen from any app and is engaged in rearranging icons.

    • Speakers - The speakers of the touch pad are established at the underneath of the device.

    • Dock Connector – Here you can plug in the USB cable to sync the touch with a computer.

    • Hold/Sleep Button - Lock the touch with this button, which is also utilize to restart the touch pad."

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