5 Myths of preventing pregnancy

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5 Myths of preventing pregnancy

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    s*x is a pleasure that many experience at a young age and getting pregnant is a constant concern, ie, preventing conception is priority. Despite the existence of multiple contraceptive methods available, countless people still think in old theories about how to prevent pregnancies.

    Here we leave some of the myths surrounding conception.

    1. The balloon no substitute for condoms

    The fact that they have a mean aspect ligeramentesimilarno unglobo is deuncondÃ_nactual substitute.

    Two. You can not get pregnant the first time

    Phrase of secundariaen favoritade entusiastasmuchachos everywhere, this mitoha given rise to a whole generation demadres adolescents.

    Three. Parsley not prevent pregnancies

    This herb sitendrÃ_a sentidoen a bowl, probably not the one mujer.Con vaginade the years, various seeds, herbs have been consideradascomo yplantas naturalespara methods prevent pregnancy, but none hasido medically effective or safe.

    April. Interrupt s*x

    Interrupted intercourse is not a safe method to prevent pregnancy, only sperm and precum contienealrededor 30 000 requiereun.

    May. Washing sperm models

    While you bathe after having s*x you run the risk of becoming pregnant.

    Do you know any other method?

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