5 amazing ideas for decorating your party

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5 amazing ideas for decorating your party

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    We all know that small details make a big difference when we want to be the host of a party. Whatever the subject, here are some simple tips that we can give a special touch that your guests will not forget:


    Have memerladas empty bottles? No need to spend all your salary in buying some vases acclaimed design firm. Lava perfectly empty bottles and get flowers with many petals to focus attention directly on the color. Will you give a vintage touch and easy to illuminate the table.

    Cheese appetizer

    The gummies sweet chili and tamarind are good, but are becoming more common at parties. Why not give a special touch to your posts with a cheesecake as an appetizer? Buy the largest brie cheese you find in any retail store and decorate with some small flowers on it. Can you add two floors with other cheeses. Remember to find a high base to do it highlight.

    Rainbow saucer

    If you intend to organize a party for children (or adults - children) this is a great way to get them to eat vegetables. Cut into thin slices of red pepper, and yellow bell naranaja, avocado, lettuce and purple onions. If you intend to feed burgers, hot dogs, or some simple dish, it can be a very attractive way to present not as popular foods.

    Light bulbs in the trees

    If you have the opportunity to have a large garden with trees, decorate it with a series of white Christmas lights. If there are no trees in your garden, use columns or table legs to do it.

    got little space on your desk? Try placing them in colorful flower pots. Save space and it's much easier for your guests to take them from the same site.

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