5 points that teach you pets

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5 points that teach you pets

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  1. Guest102277
    Pets are much more than company, are our allies, accomplices, pillows, friends, and return us more than the love you give. In addition, we have many things to learn from them.

    Here we leave five teachings that give us our animals:

    1. You party all

    Your pet celebrated every one of your movements. Jump when you run, jump when you feed him, jump when you'll take a walk. It seems living smiling, and have the ability to marvel at such simple gestures like a caress. What envy !

    Two. Being there is enough

    We often forget the value of the company. When we are with our friends we surround ourselves with noise and activities, and we do not think the most important thing is to be there. Ask presence. And we need to be in difficult times like a death to understand that just being is enough.

    Three. Size does not matter

    Have you noticed that the animals do not discriminate against others because of their size? Quite simply, animals are equal to each other. From a Chihuahua to a Great Dane, all dogs enjoy a walk, a caress, a cookie. And they do not mind sleeping with each other.

    April. Do not push too

    Animals are like. Never Verasa a cat trying to bark, or a parrot playing diver. Everyone knows and accepts its limitations and shows the best you can with what you have. It is a fact that every day your dog will try to open the door, because he knows he can, but believe me, never try to talk.

    May. All worth it

    Pets do not make it ugly to anyone (unless they have been abused babies). From your aunt hugging everyone to sweeper, anyone who makes it a cariñoa your pet will get the same answer. Moreover, the history of PiolÃ_ny Silvestre is false. Animals that grow together from small not distinguish whether one is cat and another dog, or parrot, lizard, for they are all family.

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