6 Ideas to scent your home

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6 Ideas to scent your home

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    The world of flavors is a chemical reality. Our noses can distinguish up to 10,000 different odors, thanks to the organ that helps us survive: the nose. This is because the odor report directly to the limbic system, one of the most ancient regions of the brain, which is responsible for the generation of emotions and secretion of hormones.

    Preparation of homemade bags

    Hence the importance of understanding the effects of certain aromatic plants. One of the most enjoyable ways to benefit from the properties of the aromas, is making home linen or cotton bags to save these plants.

    Cojincitos These dreams can be companions for both children and adults, can treat mild disorders, chronic discomfort or to flavor our underwear, baths or stay. You just have to shake them from time to time to regain their aroma and healing power.

    Ideas for making scented sachets

    1. Dill for restless children.

    The infusion of dill seeds are used as a remedy for sleeping children. To our fragrant sachet, the seeds should be crushed and mixed with a little lavender flowers, orange and chamomile.

    Two. soothing chamomile

    This small flower is used for colds, stomach aches and insomnia. In this case, only small cushion is filled with chamomile flowers. If stomach pain or swelling, the pad can be heated between two bags of hot water and then put it on the belly. It is very effective in young children.


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