7 Surprising Anti-Aging foods.

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Lemon + kiwi = complexion clearer
How come oranges get all the citrus-fruit street cred? “Lemons help your body detox by supporting your liver and kidneys,”  “The cleaner your system is, the clearer your complexion will be.” Kiwifruits have the same effect, “One cup of peeled kiwifruit contains more vitamin C than the equivalent amount of oranges … and research has suggested that high vitamin C intake is associated with fewer wrinkles,”

Ginger = puffy-eye fighter
“Slice into some ginger,” Starve Your Wrinkles. “Not only is it a great spice to add to your salad dressing or stir-fry, it has anti-inflammatory properties. Skin conditions like acne and psoriasis cause your skin to appear puffy and red, both of which are signs of inflammation.” So when you’re tempted to order Chinese takeout one night, go for it—and indulge in something gingery.

Buckwheat = Botox preventer
Buckwheat doesn’t sound tasty, but the seed, which has several antiaging properties, is found in tons of yummy dishes, like Japanese soba noodles. “Buckwheat contains monounsaturated fatty acids,” The Perricone Program to Eliminate Problem Skin,

“the same fats that give olive oil its healthy profile. These fats are critical in keeping skin youthful and supple.” Plus,

it’s rich in rutin, a flavonoid that may help the collagen in your skin keep its elasticity.

Papaya = glow enhancer
Exotic fruit like papayas can help give you an I-just-back-from-a-relaxing-getaway glow. “You can spend your money on an

exotic vacation instead of paying for an expensive face-lift, thanks to this tropical fruit,”
which can help fight wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Oysters = time-stoppers
We all know that salmon, packed with omega-3 fatty acids, is good for our heart, but when it comes to skin-boosting

waterfowl, there are other fish in the sea.“People often think of oysters as an aphrodisiac, but the high zinc content of

oysters is a great beauty benefit, as this mineral is a major player in skin renewal and repair.”

Wheat germ = new skin-cell booster
Sprinkling some vitamin B-packed wheat germ over your morning yogurt or cereal will do wonders for your skin, says Tannis.

“The best way to ensure your skin is looking its best is to eat foods that offer your skin the nutrients needed to make more

healthy, new cells. B vitamins are really important because they support rapid cell division—which is just what you want.”

Barley = wrinkle reducer
Barley tends to take a backseat to oats in our diet, but it may be time to change that. The antioxidants and nutrients (like soluble fiber) found in hulled barley are slowly released into the bloodstream, stabilizing blood-sugar levels and insulin, says Perricone. This stabilization helps prevent the breakdown of collagen, keeping your skin wrinkle-free.

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  1. Saba
    another anti- aging food which is not mentioned here is yogurt and olives

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