94 Chrysler LHS -- Heat had been cooling down randomly and then yesterday it over heated

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My thermostat was replaced in August 2009 along with the radiator cap because my car was over heating. Everything was fine up until about a week ago, I noticed my heat was gradually becoming colder after my commute to work (it would be warm, not hot , on the way there and then slowly become cool). Yesterday, my car wasn't warming up and all of a sudden the gadge shot up to hot, so I pulled over and shut it off. My dad added coolant ( I did already have some in my resevoir)..I think he added about a jug and a half. My car didn't over heat on my way to work today, but did cool down on my commute to work again. There does not appear to be any leaks and I don't see coolant on the ground. And idea what it could be ? Thank you so much !!!

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  1. amomipais82
    Hi There,
    No heat can be due to either low/no flow of heated water thru the core of the heater, or the motion of the internal air distribution door is prevented.
    Begin by feeling the temperature of the inflow and outflow hoses that carry coolant thru the fire wall to the heater in the cabin. The hoses should both be about the same temperature. Do the touch test after the engine is warmed up. If one hose is significantly colder then than the other, then the core is probably obstructed and needs to be reverse flushed or replaced or there could be air trapped in the core. Let me know for more details if this is what you observe about the two hoses.
    If those seem alright, then try moving the temp lever on the control panel while listening for sound of movement inside and feeling for any sense of attachment to a lever and something actually moving. If it seems to just be moving freely then you need to check out whether the cable is attached the temp door lever and the lever is moving the temperature door, or not. Again, let me know and I can give you info about how to do that.
    The only other possibilities are that the air inflow from outside is blocked, but you seem to be getting plenty of air, but the problem is that it is cold.

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