94 grand am trouble

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94 grand am trouble

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  1. amomipais82
    It's mounted on the top of the engine towards the fire wall. It is either a big round valve or it is a black valve with three rectangle looking metal solenoids on it. I can't remember what style valve is on a '94. no matter what type it is it just has 2 bolts that hold it down onto the intake manifold. when you take it off there is a passage that points straight down that goes to the exhaust and then there is a passage that faces the front of the engine. that is the one that you need to cleanout. A metal coat hanger works well to clean out the passage. This was a VERY common issue on that engine especially if it has high milage! yoummay want to get a can or carbon removing throttle body cleaner and spray it into the hole when you clean out the passage. It's really a pretty easy job. Just make sure you gte a new gasket for it before you install the valve again.
    good luck

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