A400m Body width and height

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Body Cross Section of A400M ? Width, Height ?

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  1. amomipais82
    IMO it is correct that foreign buyers get the aicrafts for contracted price.

    I expect those countries who funded the project (and who have the the political benefit) to cope for the development cost.

    It is *always* (or at least very typically) the case that the large fleets bought from the manufacturers home countries pay the development expenses. E.g. the development of the F/A 18 was financed by the USN (more precise: the price paid by US taxpayers for the large F-18 fleet was the return for the development expenses). Only because of that Switzerland could afford an aircraft with that capability. So many thanks to the US taxpayers from my side!

    The same principle applies to nearly any exported military aircraft.

    A small hint: the KC-330 would be THAT opportunity for the US to benefit directly from EU tax money! The more the A-330 would be subsidized, the more benefit! Be smart!

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