About Australian post offices and posting charges

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Where is the Australian GPO located and what are the mailing charges applied to send goods in the country?

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    Australia Post (131 318) runs the country's mail system. They are relatively efficient and reasonably cheap. Sydney's general post office (GPO) is in the grand Victorian building on Martin Place. An Australian GPO counter service (+61 (0)2 9244 3700) is around the corner on 130 Pitt Street. Post offices are open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. larger post offices, such as the GPO, and news agencies also open Sat 10am-2pm.
    If you want to send mail through Australian post offices, sending mail stamps are sold at post office counters, Australia Post retail outlets, and post offices operating from news agencies. To send a letter or post-card within Australia it costs 45c. To send airmail letters to the Asis-Pacific region it costs $1.00 and airmail letters to the rest of the world costs $1.50.

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