About keeping secrets and telling lies

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About keeping secrets and telling lies

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    Nothing more toxic to a relationship that secrets and lies. The secrets away, confused, hurt.

    Experts say a lie or a secret in the family is the factor that generates negative emotional consequences. Someone decides, at home, hide a situation. Sometimes the situation is clear: the father is an alcoholic. But nobody says anything. Although all perceive their stare.

    Lying does not fade

    We have the belief that we do not talk about something other will cease to exist. "If I say it maybe is not" and let some kids are witnessing how his father hits or stumbles but not talk about it, or disguise: it is said that a grandfather committed suicide but had an accident. There is said to be alcoholic but partying. There is said to be loose but has not found his vocation.

    The disguise, disguise, decorate and to hide what is happening within the family not only does not help but hinders the development of trauma, ie healing. Faced with a painful situation we must, first, name it, and secondly, about it. In letters. With the right name and courageously.

    The right to truth

    A child can not be said that his father went to work itself away actually died. Everyone has the right to know the truth. Aristotle wrote: "All men by nature desire to know." The reality, as reality is always desirable to men.

    The recognition of truth is essential for happiness. Without knowing my reality, accept it, work it, I can not become happy. And nobody has the right to hide her from me.

    Nothing infuriates me more than being lied to, being told things by halves. It is a perfect way to insult your interlocutor. And if you are a child, confused, and hurt him even more: it is a form of emotional abuse more.

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