Accommodations from North Sulawesi Indonesia Tourism Organization

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My sister needs to know about details of accommodations from North Sulawesi Indonesia Tourism Organization, please help.

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    As many travelers come to North Sulawesi Indonesia and require different types of accommodation and facilities, the North Sulawesi Indonesia Tourism Organization would like to list a few of the homestays that are located on Bunaken Island.
    Nyiur Melambai: Niklas David: +62 431-3309015
    Panorama Cottage: Ester: +62 81340830875
    Kharismata Cottage / Scubana: Randy Montolalu: +62 8124401566
    MC Homestay: Mosal Caroles: +62 81356593526
    Daniel's Homestay: Daniel Takaendengan / Andris: +62 85256433219
    Lorenso's Homestay: Lorens: +62 8124302968
    Star Ocean: Yusuf: +62 816234774:
    Bunaken Village: Angel: +62 81340757268

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