Achievements of British musical band Spice Girls.

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Can anyone tell me about some of the achievements of the famous British Pop band Spice Girls.

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    Spice Girls recorded sales of over 75 million. Their certified sales are 13 million albums in Europe, 14 million records in the US and 2.4 million in Canada.
    There are total of nine number one singles in the UK,they have tied with the record of ABBA.Wannabe is the most successful song released by an female group. Sales are in the region of 7 million copies.
    Spice is the 18th biggest-selling album of all time in the UK with over 3 million copies sold, topped the charts for 15 weeks (non-consecutive) the most by a female group in the UK.
    The first British band since the Beatles to have two albums in the US Chart Top Ten at the same time, Spice and Spiceworld.

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