Achievements of Changi Singapore emergency services

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My friend needs to know achievements of Changi Singapore emergency services, he is planning to fly for Singapore

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    Singapore Changi Airport Group’s AES has a proud tradition of providing for the safety of passengers that stretches over six decades. Over the years, AES has constantly benchmarking ourselves as one of the leading Airport Rescue and Firefighting. Being in the forefront of technology, AES maintains its fleet of vehicles in their top condition in preparation for new aircraft types and in case of emergencies. AES has also been actively involved in the planning and emergency response for large-scale events like Asian Aerospace, Singapore Airshow and the Singapore Grand Prix (F1 night race).

    Here are some of the achievements:
    February 1997
    AES Changi successfully obtained ISO 9002 certification by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI).

    October 2007
    Hosted International Aviation Fire Protection Association (IAFPA), Aviation (ASIA) Fire Conference in Singapore.

    October 2008
    Commissioned world’s first airport foam tender driving simulator mounted on a six-degree of freedom motion platform.

    October 2008
    Hosted ICAO Asia and Pacific Aerodrome Emergency Planning (AEP)
    Seminar in Singapore.

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