Actually i am not able to decide my future stream in MBA

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but it seems that i have more inclination towards marketing but really not sure of various fields available in the same. what all are the qualities required for the person to enter into this marketting field?

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    If you want to start your career in the field of marketing as a marketing manager then you have to travels to several areas in order to supervise other marketing worker. One of major responsibility as a marketing manager is to check other oversees the group of marketers doing job in the field in order to make sure that the customers are satisfied. Depending on the kind of marketing being done, the field marketing manager must visit the field and check that clients are satisfied with the performance of the marketing team. A field marketing manager must oversee the workers covering a certain area outside of the office.

    Another responsibility of the field marketing manager may have is to analyze the marketing materials. A field marketing manager must also calculate the attitude and behavior of his employees in the field. Workers who falsely report meeting with customers or leading materials in the field may be reported to higher executives by the field marketing manager. In few situations, the field marketing manager may have the power to discipline a marketing employee or terminate employment on the spot. The minimum criteria of education for a field marketing manager is differ according to the companies. Few companies may demand an undergraduate bachelor's degree, while others may needed work-related experience in place of the degree requirements. A high school diploma is essential and in some situation, job training is necessary in order to continue working as a field marketing manager.


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