Adjusting Grandfather Clock Minute Hand. how do i adjust, clock chimes hour when minute hand is on

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how do i adjust, clock chimes hour when minute hand is on the quare past.

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  1. amomipais82
    The trip point on clock movement varies and has to be adjusted for different hands.  Turn the minute hand until it is 3 or 4 minutes before the hour.  Let the clock run until it starts the hour chime.  When it starts chiming, stop the pendulum.  Remove the minute hand nut and minute hand.  You will find a brass bushing on the back of the minute hand.  Grasp the bushing with a good set of pliers and holding the minute hand near the center, slip the minute hand back 6 minutes.  The reason you hold the minute hand near the center is to keep from bending or breaking it.  Also take care that you don't pinch your fingers if the pliers slip.  It has happened to me!  Put the minute hand back on pointing to the 12.  If it isn't quite on the 12 mark, remove the hand and try it again.  It will probably take a few tries.  When it looks good. secure the minute hand with the hand nut.  It still might have to be fine tuned.  To do this, move the minute hand back about 10 minutes and then move it forward to a few minutes before the hour.  Start the pendulum and let it run until it clicks and starts to chime.  If it is off, say 1 minute, repeat the whole procedure until you are satisfied with the trip point.  It trip the same at all quarters.  Start the clock again and set the time.

  2. Guest1129
    Maybe you own an Westminster Grandfather Clock which chimes every quarter or the hand is on the wrong minute.
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