Advantages of 64 bit version of Windows 7 office 2010.

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I am using windows 7 and I want to purchase office 2010 professional version. Please tell me how to choose Office 64bit version. What are the advantages of Windows 7 office 2010.

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    For the very first time in computing history a 64 bit version of the Operating System is getting more user response than its previous 32 bit version. And its Windows 7. Statistics have shown that Windows 7 64 bit is now starting to make headway against the 32 bit OS.

    While 32 bit XP is still very dominant in the market with about 42%, Windows 7 64 bit it is now at nearly 20 percent.

    Advantages Of 64 bit OS

    Note that the two biggest CPU chips with market share are the 2 and 4 CPU chip systems.

    This means that as 64 bit OS’s increase in demand, so does the increase in the integrating hardware to make them more robust.

    64-bit processors have almost twice the number of registers to work with, so they can process twice as much information per clock cycle as 32-bit processors. But to take advantage of the processors that you need 64 bit software, either the OS or programs, and ideally both.

    If you have upgraded your computer in the past couple of years, with the Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent/higher processor, your PC is now already equipped to run 64-bit Windows 7. There are situations in which you are better off using the 32-bit Windows 7:

    If you use 2GB of RAM, and do not plan to upgrade anytime. To really take full advantage of 64-bit Windows 7, you will need minimum 4GB RAM.

    You have legacy devices like the scanners and printers that normally do not have 64-bit device drivers. 32-bit drivers are now not supported under the 64-bit Windows 7, so you must make sure all the devices that you need to use are compatible with the 64-bit.

    You can run old 16-bit applications that were later developed for Windows 3.1 or DOS. These will not run under 64-bit Windows.


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