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I am looking for an aggressive forward-thinking marketing and advertising agency in order to drive my business forward,could you tell me some information about the services that these companies provides to my business, need help, thanks.

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     In the recent era the advertisement industry is considered as one of the perfect mode of a mere dissemination of information about the products and services, which is used frequently to target the potential customers. Advertisement is a projection of an image, a brand creating exercise and a method to project the differentiation to remain ahead of the competition. And it all begins from scratch. Several famous advertising agencies that are working in India provide the integrated services include the complete gamut of services that clients require to deliver a comprehensive and all pervasive advertising and promotion campaign. Services offered by these agencies are creative services, Content services and Promotion services provide across the different mediums of communication, be it conventional printing press, online Internet media, multimedia avenues, events and on-road shows and events. The other services that advertising companies of India are providing are given below:

    o Corporate Image & Identity

    o Brand Development and getting it the right way !

    o Logo Development

    o Brochures / Folders

    o Annual Reports

    o Catalogs / Flyers

    o Package Design

    o Advertisement Design

    o Book Cover Concepts

    •           Web Design / Production

    o Web Content Development

    o Web Site Design

    o Database Driven Website

    o Search engine Optimization

    o Multimedia

    o Presentation Development( Flash / Director)

    o CD Presentations ( Flash / Director )

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