Aerobic exercise ball workouts

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I have heard about the benefits of an exercise ball, I wanted to use it with some aerobics; can I have some details about exercise ball aerobics?

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  1. James Harley

     Aerobic workouts help in maintaining overall fitness, Aerobic workouts is an important form of cardio, mixing in with some beats and music more muscles in lesser time.

    The exercise ball may look something childish or girly but it is considered to be one of the best equipment for working out, it works twice as more than normal conventional exercises. And if you mix cardio or aerobics with the help of an exercise ball you can get more fitness with fun and muscles.

    Following are some cardio exercises with the help of a cardio ball.

    OVERHEAD SQUAT: By holding the ball upwards with legs apart, tilt your hips a little bit and perform the overhead squat, continue this exercise for about 90 seconds, works on the thighs calves and hips

    FLUTTER KICKS: Intimate swimming by holding the ball in your hand in front of you leaning on the ball with your palms on the floor start walking with you on top of the ball.

    EXERCISE BALL CHOPS: In this exercise you have to twist your torso by holding the ball in front of you at the chest position lowering it down to one knee and then to the other, similarly twist the torso on each left and right side.

    EXERCISE BALL PUSHUP TO PIKE: holding the ball in your hand in front of you lean on the ball with your palms on the floor, move with your feet until your shin touches the ball.

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