Afghanistan Pakistan relations before 9 11 I want to write an article on Afghanistan Pakistan

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Afghanistan Pakistan relations before 9 11 I want to write an article on Afghanistan  Pakistan

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  1. Guest1521

     This topic is of very importance to entire the world. Afghanistan is the area which has been battle field for many decades. For Russia they must need to reach hot sea. It is there prime need. Then why America wants to hold Afghanistan. 

    Pakistan which is counted as to be American Allie but here America playing a very different game which is bit hard to understand. 

    Now the current government in Afghanistan is the one which has been appointed there by America but actually they are from the Russian Allie. 

    Pakistan happen to be in very bad situation where enemy is approaching him through all directions. The only safe hand to us our prestigious friend China. In Pakistan, China wants to invest as much as possible but government in Pakistan not willing for the same. Reason not defined. 

    Now the Government working is Afghanistan is more reluctant towards India than Pakistan. Same way Pakistan know that there have been abnormal number of Indian consulates in Afghanistan which number above 15 some where or near to 20. Well Afghanistan is the country with population which is countable with in no time. 

    So now there seems no reason for the number consulates India has got in Afghanistan. But they do clarify the working relation of government of Afghanistan with Pakistan after 9 11. Before 9 11 the same country was totally driven through Pakistan. 

    I think you will find some useful information out from what i tried to explain for your article. Best of luck.   

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