Age of Empires II "unexpectedly" shuts down when I try to play it on my Macbook Pro

by Guest5246  |  11 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I have a new Macbook Pro (got it a few weeks ago) and I bought AOEII for it and I can load it and launch it but every time I get a few mins into the game it always quits out and says it "unexpectedly" shut down and gives me an error message to send to Apple. Whats's wrong with it?

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  1. Guest5245

     When  you start the game and the box pops up asking if you want to change resolution or use in game cursor, unclick "use in game cursor". that solves the problem. if that box doesn't come up when you start the game, you should just be able to hold the command key down when you open the game and it should pop up. hope this helps.

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