Air India Flight 182 Day of the Bombings

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The Air India Flight 182 operated by Boeing 747-237B has a bomb blast in 1985 and I heard that the men who were involved in this were recognized. Can someone tell me that the persons who were involved in this book their tickets by which name.

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    On 22 June 1985, at 1330 GMT, a man calling himself "Manjit Singh" called to confirm his reservations on AI Flight 181/182. He was told he was still wait-listed, and was offered alternative arrangements, which he declined. At 15:50 GMT (about 8:00 AM) M. Singh checked in to a busy line of 30 people for the CP flight from Vancouver to Toronto which was sechuled to leave at 9:18AM. He asked agent Jeannie Adams to check his dark brown, hard-sided Samsonite suitcase, and have it transferred to Air India Flight 181 and then to Flight 182 to India. But the agent initially refused his request to inter-line the baggage, since his seat from Toronto to Montréal and Montréal to Bombay was unconfirmed. He insisted, but was again rebuffed, telling him "Your ticket doesn't read that you're confirmed" and "we're not supposed to check your baggage through." Then the man said "Wait, I'll get my brother for you." As he started to walk away, she relented and agreed to accept the bag, but told him he would have to check in again with Air India in Toronto. After the crash, Adams would realize this deception got the bag on its way to Air India 182. The anxious man was never identified. At 16:16 GMT (9:18AM),Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 60 to Toronto Pearson International Airport departed without Mr. Singh.
    That morning, Reyat would later testify that he travelled from Duncan on Vancouver Island on the ferry to Vancouver to work on his brother's truck. Phone records show someone called from his residence in Duncan to Johal's number at 10:50 AM and 4:00 PM later that day. Reyat was seen in the company of another East Indian man at the AME store in Burnaby, near Parmar's house between 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM. He bought two 12 volt batteries similar to the one used in the explosive device tested in the woods, and they were to fit into a special metal bracket he had brought with him. Constable Clark-Marlowe later believed there was "ample time for Inderjit Sing Reyat to obtain the batteries at the Auto Marine Electric limited store in Burnaby, incorporate the batteries in the assembly of an explosive device and then have the device transported in a suitcase to the Vancouver airport"
    Sometime before 2022(1:22 PM) L. Singh (also never identified) checked in for the 1:37 CP Air Flight 003 to Tokyo with one piece of luggage, which is to be transferred to Air India 301 to Bangkok. Mandip Singh Grewal recounted how as a boy, he recognized Johal as the janitor at his school at the airport when he said goobye to his father at the airport.

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