Airside in Terminal 3 at Changi Singapore

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My Uncle is wondering about the details, Airside in Terminal 3 at Changi Singapore, is there anyone can inform me please.

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  1. Guest3155
    In Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport has introduced the first single-street transit retail concept, set amongst lush green surroundings with a more organic, ‘wave’ layout of the retail outlets so as to achieve unobstructed views, providing maximum visibility and exposure for brands and operators.

    Hailed as a mall within a terminal, Terminal 3 is a multi-dimensional shopping paradise that boasts an avant-garde design. With its large retail space, strategic layout and unique ambience, Terminal 3 is the ideal location for any flagship store and to date, there are over 50 retail outlets and over 20 F&B outlets within the transit area of Terminal 3 to create the ultimate shopping and dining experience.

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