Al Foro Sol gives Bieber Fever

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Al Foro Sol gives Bieber Fever

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  1. Guest102500
    On Saturday, about 60 thousand people (mostly women) gathered at Foro Sol to hear Justin Bieber sing.

    Hourly and half glad the hearts and ears of fans, but before getting to sing gave a press conference.

    In his presentaciÃ_na media, Justin felt a little nervous, constantly moving his feet and tried not delve much in their responses. While Justin settled into his chair, in the distance you could hear the Bieber fans screaming his name.

    With only 17, Justin is known example of many, and says he feels a great responsibility, why do things is best.

    He also said how grateful he is to work with artists like Usher and excitement you feel to know everything that their fans do for him, in short, the impressions we already know about the race short but substantial Justin Bieber.


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