Al devis American football executive died

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I am serchinbg for the details regarding the death of American football executive, Al Devis. Is there anyone who can update me regarding my query?

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  1. Daniel Phil

     "Al Davis, the longtime Oakland Raiders proprietor was passed away at his house in Oakland on Saturday morning at the age of 82. Before the Raiders took on the Houston Texans on Sunday, he was remembered during an instant of silence.

    The Raiders also dressed in decals on their helmets to recall Davis, and both teams and fans at Reliant Stadium keep quiet as a short video of Davis was played on the stadium's JumboTron.

    The decals on the Raiders helmets read ""AL"" in shiny letters that escorted the helmets' black background.

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell came to a game on Sunday, which was between the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles, where he notified The Associated Press that an instant of silence for the famous NFL personality Davis would be discerned before every game this weekend.

    According to Goodell’s statement, Al Davis actually was a legend of the game. There are not numerous persons who had such kind of influence on the game. He was a commissioner, he was a proprietor, he was a coach, he was a general supervisor, and he was fervent about the game of football. He loved the NFL as much as any individual I know.


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