Albums and songs of British band Mis Teeq?

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What are some of the famous songs of band Mis Teeq, can anyone tell about the name of their albums and singles.

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    Mis-Teeq saw instant international success with their Stargate-produced third single "One Night Stand": While the song peaked at #5 on the UK singles chart, it also entered the top 20 in Australia,., Norway, and Denmark. In 2002, the band's fourth single, "B with Me", continued the group's remarkable sales with another top 10 entry in the UK; once again entering at #5.
    Their albums include
    Eye Candy,released in 2003
    Mis Teeq, released in 2004
    Mis Teeq, released in 2005.
    Famous songs of the band Mis Teeq include
    All I Want
    One Night Stand
    Be With Me
    Roll on
    Cant get it back

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