Allied health professions careers

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Which career opportunities are available in the field of Allied health professions? Please inform me with complete and comprehensive details.

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  1. Jennifer

     "If you are the one who is searching for a profession that involves challenge, a very good salary and the honor of working in something actually worthwhile, the allied health professions (AHPs) offer a broad variety of job possibilities. As part of a group of today’s healthcare team, AHPs offer remedy that assists in changing people’s lives.

    Following are the career opportunities which are involved in Allied health professions careers:

    • Athletic training

    • Cardiovascular perfusion technology

    • Cytotechnology

    • Dental hygiene

    • Diagnostic medical sonography

    • Dietetics

    • Emergency medical sciences

    • Health administration

    • Health information management

    • Medical technology

    • Nuclear medicine technology

    • Nursing

    • Occupational therapy

    • Physical therapy

    • Physician assistant

    • Radiation therapy technology

    • Radiography

    • Rehabilitation counseling

    • Respiratory therapy

    • Respiratory therapy technology

    • Speech-language pathology and audiology"

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