Alumni News of NUS Singapore.

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My friend is a student of history in National University of Singapore. He has been given the task of writing an essay on the topic Alumni News of NUS Singapore. Anyone can inform me regarding.

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    11/2010: Alumni Mentor Students
    In line with the NUS Alumni Office's objectives to cultivate bonds and nurture ties, a platform for students to learn from alumni mentors on work and life outside university was launched in April this year. On 15 September, this Student Mentorship Programme titled "Alumni-Student Networking Event" was held a second time.

    Aimed at facilitating a smooth university-to-work transition for students, the evening saw a turnout of some 50 students who had arrived to seek inspiration from successful NUS Alumni who have been there, done that. And inspiration they found, at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House. Ten alumni mentors were present to share some of the challenges they faced when they moved from life at university to life in the workforce.

    Guest speaker, Mr Yeo Keng Joon, spoke of his own humble beginnings, how he built up his successful businesses, and his belief in the importance of making a difference in someone's life through the act of giving. Guest-of-Honour, Vice Provost (Student Life) Professor Tan Tai Yong, expressed his gratitude to fellow alumni for sharing valuable time with their juniors.

    Moving forward, OAR will continue to develop new mentorship programmes relevant to both students and alumni, based on regular survey feedback. The programmes will see to the holistic development of the student where mentors and mentees can benefit from each other in the sharing process.

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