Am I a white washed asain or something?

by Guest8536  |  8 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I feel like Im white washed and not exactly close to Asian, im Vietnamese btw.

Age: 21

I wear the skater clothes, the simple t-shirt, jeans, jacket with skate shoes. I don't like preppy clothes like Abercrombie & Fitch, American eagle, Hollister, Though I like their jackets, there SO WARM!!

I do eat vietnamese food, mainly at home when my mom cooks it or when I go out to eat with the family, but usually american food when im out alone.

I HATE anime.

I drive a Honda accord, and love Hondas in general but I HATE the JDM car scene, HATE hellaflush, HATE offsets. I do like American muscle and European cars more nowadays and hope to own one in the future.

I cant speak my own native language but can understand it clearly most of the time.

I HATE apple products with a passion.

I enjoy racing games, mostly need for speed and racing simulators.

I like white girls. :P

My music consists of gothic metal/rock, doom metal, punk, alternative, trance, pop and rap occationaly. Most of the time the "depressing music"

I dont like RTS and no long like MMORPGs

I hate facebook, though I like twitter.

I dont follow up on my culture much, even though I have viet tv and radio on 24/7..on my television. (parents watching, not me)

So is any of this normal?

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  1. Guest1528

    im white washed too and im an asian guy.

    im 15..

    the only kind of girls i like is white girls..

    every time i see one thats hot out on the street i stare at them.theyre just really good-looking ot me.i listen to different kinds of music.the only kind of girls i think about is white girls.

  2. Guest9706

     Yes all these things are quite normal and these are not only attached with America there are other countries who also use the same traditions as they are in America. America is basically a mix of many cultures and that is why people who went over to America love that culture because it is a mix. The only native to America were the Red Indians and the Mohawks. So the renaming people are migrant form different parts of the world specially from France. 

    Now you following these things is absolutely normal because these are the things of the modern age not America. As far as you follow your religion it is always normal. 
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