An application that can not miss on your iPhone or in your kitchen

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An application that can not miss on your iPhone or in your kitchen

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    Discover the benefits of a personal assistant to the kitchen that can bring in the palm of your hand ! Editors of Woman's Day, one of the leading lifestyle brands for women, which has more than 24 million readers a month, brings you: Woman's Day cooking Assistant, in which great ideas for quick and easy cooking dishes, among many others, ensuring that the kitchen will be an activity include, much easier.

    This application requires network connection, making it ideal for iPod touch users ! If you already have the previous version, there is nothing to worry as quetodos data saved in (recipes, articles, etc..) Remain intact.

    Simple Recipe Ideas - Thousands of amazing recipes that have been tested and perfected in the kitchen of Woman's Day. Each recipe includes detailed instructions, nutritional value, a series of images ysize good, but not least, the option to send the recipe to a friend by email

    Tips Featured Recipes - Read the suggestions of the editors of the best recipes for this season and on special occasions

    Search - You can search your recipes by keyword, or you can browse through pre - established categories, such as " kitchen ", "Quick and Easy ", " few Calories as "much more

    Favorites - Store all your favorite recipes in an easily accessible place

    Tips - Everything you need to know about preparing meals as they would the experts of Woman's Day. With cooking tips, herbs and spices, dictionary, guide to preparing vegetables and more

    Cooking times calculator - Select the type of meat, preparaciÃ_ny method the number of servings, and get precise cooking for the preparation of your food

    What 's new in version 1.3.1?

    This version Woman's Day Cooking Assistant allows recipes and articles shopping list that you saved in previous versions of the application, still showing after installing the update.

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