Announcement of Samsung Galaxy Pro for Android Loving Professionals

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My sister is a school student; she needs to know about announcement of Samsung Galaxy Pro for Android Loving Professionals.

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  1. Guest2953
    Samsung was finished with their Android Phone broadcasts after revealing to the world their Galaxy S successor, Galaxy S II at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona? Well, that’s not the case as vintage Sammy has broadcast yet another Android phone and you wager it is another supplement to the Galaxy family, under the name Galaxy  Pro.
    This is not another high end telephone from the Koreans. Galaxy Pro will become equipped with an 800 MHz processor and not a 1 GHz processor, a 2.8 inch LQVGA touch-screen with a tenacity support of 320*240 pixels. The Android 2.2 Froyo sporting telephone falls short to influence in the camera department as well since the imager on this telephone is only limited 3 MP with Autofocus.
    Moving to the recollection department, the Galaxy Pro has 512MB RAM, 2 GB of interior recollection with external microSD card support up to 32 GB. Since the telephone is Android 2.2 endowed, it will let its owner watch Flash videos which are a good thing. Samsung is recounting this telephone as the flawless apparatus for every individual looking to organize their engaged work and communal lives.

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