Any Free fantage member accounts?

by Guest525  |  12 years, 4 month(s) ago

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I am looking for any Free fantage member accounts? Does someone have any free fantage member accounts. Kindly provide me the answer for my question.

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  1. Guest6930
    i do user:prittyboy pass:yerboi123123

  2. Guest8322
    i have one username;perla1 paswasrd;perla1
  3. Guest8105

    do right one not like this perla1 pass perla1 is wrong send new one

  4. Guest6277

    i have two boy and girl they have lots of ecoins and stars but email me and give me a member girl in any game

  5. Guest3632

    sorry but you can;t do this giveing your acconut is a wrong thing to do they could make you banned and sutff so dont do it

  6. Guest6943

    i just give you non but it only have like 4 ecoins and 3 eggs ok sooo


    password:no no no i dont rust yall so here is hint


    hope you try to figure it out oh and you can change pass

  7. Guest2388


  8. Guest5236

     Hey!! Who wants free fantage account? I will pay 

    for you sweetie pies, I love my fans, and I would love to give 

     it to you, Trust me fans! I will if you vote me! 

    I have lots of Membership! for chariety kids, kids who don't

     have parents, If you don't like the membership I'm giving then

     give me your accounts, I will make you one 

    ( If you don't like mine)

    I usually never go there, but i make lots of it and buy clothes

     and just giveaway, Comment back to me, I will give it to kids 

    who doesn't have parents, or Would like to be member Badly, 

     Thank you, comment back if you want membership


    ~ Selena Marie Gomez ~
  9. Guest7304

    i have one user is francoism7898 and password is apolo1178

  10. Guest1258

     hi i have 1 but i have parents its just there struggling with jobs and money so they can pay for a membership so do u think u could give me 1 if i give u my old 1 ( it has ecoins only sorry no membership )

  11. Guest8266

     hi i have 1 but i have parents its just there struggling with jobs and money so they cant pay for a membership so do u think u could give me 1 if i give u my old 1 ( it has ecoins only sorry no membership )

  12. Guest5804





  13. Guest8067

    mine it really works


    password:not going to tell but heres a hint

    hint:hamna12 (somthing its a number)

    if you change it ill never give on again ill kepp posting

  14. Guest1379

    im is a boy



  15. Guest4607

    girl member real dont say its fake



  16. Guest3508

    user:neverganna23 pass:give it to yall24

  17. Guest1848

    pass;58134 user;nishara

  18. Guest5411

     i hope i can have a membership account ID:Jenies012 


  19. Guest1804


    These don't work!!! I hate liars!!!! so don't lie any more

    - Keke

  20. Guest4965

    but who would like a non member account for fantage?

    here it is user kathy13142 pass think again no i am not giving it to you unless you give me a member account for fantage

    please give me one that works

  21. Guest2197

     user mona1110

    pass marye5   

    dont change  the pass or hack it non member but has member stuff  


  22. Guest4252

    here is one gracie88342 pass 646789 dont change the pass or i will change it and never post anymore accounts

  23. Guest9494

     hi yoll i have a mem account i wanna give its for a year and i just paid today if u wwant it here u go username:cupcake45450 pass:do u think im stupid!!! what my parents paid for do u want me to waste their money u should be mad.

  24. Guest8028


  25. Guest1034

    i really want a member account my dad works tell its mid night and my dad works evry day in the week i need membership plzzzzz if u made me a new membership account email me at

  26. Guest9368

                               From:a girl thats nice

    am going to give too fantage accounts one is boy and one is girl!!!!ITS 100% REAL NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!! Email me if you want one and say the one u want boy or girl.the girl one is colorfull99989.It has 5,000 stars,too blue gems or more gems,a cool house with six tvs in the house with other things in the house and outside of the house,cool clothes,one friend named ginger006 thats mee.and finally there might be STARS COINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ill even tell you have to get FREEEEEEE ECOINSS!!!!!!!!!!oh ya and there might be one or too ets not really sure if one will hatch???? just email me at am giving too accounts cuz this website does not have good working accounts if ur scared that people will change the password or even hack it tell them to email you and say dont change the password cuz most of the accounts on this website dont work!soo thats why a giving a to account give away if there takein ill give you other accounts and if u think the account that i gave u is not cool tell me and give me the account back and ill even give u a cooler account to make u happy.     :)

  27. Guest8629

    hey guys i have three fantage member accounts.ill only give their user names not pass sry dont trust anyone.

    boy one is      cool12921 dont capatlize

    girl one is        thinkerbell846

    girl one is        shirley555

    hoppe u gess the passwords

    if u give me areal member password ill give all of those for free

    i havee club penguin ones too their members too.

  28. Guest6608

    heyyy i got oneeee its non mem (srry):(


    password:think ill give u it jk

    real password:1231231234

    its 100% real dont say bad commets some ppl might have changed the pass oh ya no changing the pass so everyone can enjoy have fun there might be even some ecoins the real pass is under the fake one    :) :D

  29. Guest4022

    mine is a member it is username;marrisa_rockz pass;purple1

  30. Guest3193

    ok hey everyone ok so ill trade you a real awsome non member if you give me a mem i dont care if it

    doesnt have alot of stuff just give me a mem plz ok byez

  31. Guest4793

    hi guys give me a mem and ill give u a mem  do watever whit mine just gimme yours

  32. Guest6725

    i want   a membership plz get me a membership for my account justinbrockz7 my password is lpso66

  33. Guest7625

    I don't have membership and no email,my mom can't work and my dad is unemployed,can some give me a girl mem named anything you want but the pass 1234567?Please I want one very badly,reply back soon please!

  34. Guest5866

    me i want member ship plz pay for me

  35. Guest6727

    Hi hi Wanna use this cool account? (NOT THAT good)but stilll


    pass fantage1901

    Kks this is mine dont bann but if its bann I DONT CARE so dont just say IT DOESENT WORK! so haha meme..

  36. Guest4562

    amma civic heres one IT AINT CIVIC I GOT ALOT LOL HERES IT IZ user:wonder12312


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