Any Stardoll Cheats?

by Guest537  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Do you have any stardoll cheats? I am looking for the cheats of Stardoll and if anyone of you got any cheat kindly share it with me. Thanking you in advance and waiting for the answers.

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  1. amomipais82
    Hi There,
    im sorry i dont really know.but if you talk a lot and earn a lot of starpoints in each level you get some stardollars and haircuts

    •100 Starpoints-10 Stardollars & 2 new gifts to give

    •200 Starpoints-10 Stardollars & new stickers for your album

    •350 Starpoints-15 Stardollars!

    •550 Starpoints-15 Stardollars& 3 new haircuts!

    •800 Starpoints-15 Stardollars & 2 new haircuts!

    •1050 Starpoints-20 Stardollars

    •1300 Starpoints-20 Stardollars

    •1550 Starpoints-20 Stardollars
    •1800 Starpoints-Coming soon!

  2. Guest5729
    Hey thanks xD
  3. Guest1627
    i don't know i wanna go out with him.
  4. Guest7139
    yeah there is one : go to and then there will be a bar that u need to write

    second one
    Click on stardollars of time then on mail an write ur facebook account and u will get 10 stardollars 4 free
    all my cheats are true
  5. Guest5801
    go to and there you will recieve helpful information and how to get the free stuff on ok im chic9899 there on please make me covergirl and leave me lots of gifts ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Guest6262
  7. Guest7981
    Hey guys it's Kellie just not logged in now (lol) thx so much u guys helped alot.....I recommend these, especially the Blackstar one!
  8. Guest3682
    uu cant have any cheats for Starpoints they dont work, uu Just have to earn them !!
  9. Guest7323
    I love Stardoll and the best Stardoll cheats I found were on

    These really work!
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