Any new rule for the immigrant to Canada?

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Are there any new rules specifically made for the immigrant to Canada, as there are thousands of immigrants are coming here.

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  1. Guest8240

    There are few ways by which you can apply to Canada. First of all there are certain immigration programs and you can select from these programs what type of program suites you. First of all there is a category of skilled workers and professionals.

    Skilled workers can apply for becoming the permanent resident member based on their education work experience, knowledge of English or French and also other criteria. These criterias are developed by the Canadian government. There should be a minimum work experience of alteast one year in order to become eligible for a work visa. You are then selected and evaluated on the following bases such as

    Your Education

    Your Abilities

    Your Work Experience

    Your Age

    It is also checked whether you have arranged employment in Canada.

    Your Adaptability.

    There is an eligibility tool that checks whether you are eligible for the visa or not. Also there is a self assessment test that you can perform to check what your status is.

    The second type of visa program is for the Business Immigration Program that seeks to attract the experienced people who are planning to visit to Canada. And they will play an important role in developing and enhancing the business of the company. Business Immigrants are expected to make cash of almost $800,000 investment and then they should be able to meet certain requirements and criteria to manage and run their own business. The criteria here is different for each class like Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self Employed.


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