Any stardoll cheats for free stuff??

by Guest8215  |  13 years ago

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Facebook giveaways, stardollar offers. Hack free please! - Be Honest!

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  1. Guest9210

    umm try joining the club mall-crawler there are tons of no proxy cheats btw this is noy my club

  2. Guest2758

    yh heres how u get free stuff vote alicecullan00 and vote in all stuff for her she is d stardoll owner and i got like all my clothes of her and send her a gift if she likes it she will send u  cheat cheat card step 1. give her u stardoll user name and pass word step 2. wait a day and she gives u a cheat card step 3. log on and in ur pad is a cheat card tht lasts a year

  3. Guest4747

    Join the club Random_Stuff5 it has cheats and comps it is updated most days

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