Apple iPod touch 4th generation

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Apple is no doubt an extra ordinary magnificent brand equipped with all latest technology. I am planning to buy an apple iPod, I have heard about Apple iPod touch 4th generation. Please give me some detailed review of Apple iPod touch 4th generation.

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  1. Jennifer

    Apple iPod touch 4th generation

    The Apple's iPod fourth-generation touch pad has dual cameras, one for photographing HD videos and photographs, one for face to face chats. In 2011, the alterations to the iPod touch pad are all relayed on the new iOS 5, which adds with it iMessage, iCloud, notifications, and Game Center improvements. Overall, the player is unchanged, except now it's in white. The high-res Retina is still awesome, colorful, and highly sensitive to touch. Since the iPod nano no more carries video, the 8GB feel is the least-expensive video-playing iPod, beginning from $199 to $30 cost fall from 2010. The other two versions stay $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB. Despite the high cost, the iPod touch pad is still, by far, the top lightweight media player you can buy and it keeps Editors' Choice.

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