Are White Men afraid of Blacks?

by Guest8228  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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I believe that are totally intimidated, which is why they last out and try to degrade them.  Simple rule of the Pecking Order! When you know you not at your level the innate reaction is to Pick and Peck at someone else. ABUSE! Take your frustrations out on someone you THINK is weaker than you. What White Men have learned. The Black Man is not weaker. In fact, he is stronger and more intelligent than most White Men because he is force to work harder and educate himself more to be considered even close to the most ignorant White person. Does the Black Man get angry? Yes! But he's not afraid of you!!

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  1. Guest1637
    From my experience:

    Black men are higher educated and more intelligent than white: DEFINETLY NO!

    More prone to violence: Yes in general, but not more than white men at the same step of the social ladder.

  2. Guest5697
    dont u think your theory needs facts at some point? i can see u have never studied the intelligence of different races. there has been a ton of unbias test on it. just review some charts. u know, everyone is wise til they open their mouth. as far as physically stronger, usually, but mentally, no way in h**l. we have conquered and ruled the world. blacks only made it out of africa when other blacks sold them to whites. africa is lush, yet they still starve to death. middle easterns live in the desert with no problem. but is a white guy afraid to turn his back on a brother? of course. every other, 50%, of black men are either in prisoned or have been. if half get caught for crime, how many get away with it? 90%? and they are no other races type of people. i dated an asian that hated them. she was fresh over from bangkok with no expectations. just loud and obnoxious, look at me, look at me. i have gold teeth and my a*s hangs out. nom other race does ignorant, un civilized s**t like that. and it is mandatory by the goverment to give u jobs even when less qualified; its even easier for u to get in college, and its paid for, yet few go. mandela took away whites farms in south africa and gave them to blacks. it crippled their economy. in fact there has never been a great country ruled by a black. look at whats happening to this country; down the tube. if u dnt learn from history, ur doomed to repeat it.
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