Are maggots baby flies?

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I have a question regarding baby maggots. Once I went away from home on a picnic and while I was leaving home I forgot to put some eatables inside the refrigerator. When I came back after 4 days or so, the bowl containing some fried stuff had a lot of maggots grown inside. I was surprised that they were also present in other dishes as well that were lying closely. For this reason, I am rather curious to know that are the maggots baby flies or not.

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  1. James Harley

    The Maggots are formed as a result of manifestation of decay of food and dead bodies of animals. They do not really fly and don’t look anything like adult flies. Normally they are small and quite pale in colour and look more like a caterpillar. Flies usually lay their eggs in dumpsters, trash cans, animal f***s or on old poultry or other types of decaying meat. The eggs hatch in less than 24 hours, resulting in a maggot. that will feed and grow in the area for up to ten days. The best way to prevent maggots is to keep areas free from rotting food and animal waste.

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