Are roller coasters safe for asthmatics?

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Me and my wife, we both are fun lovers. Although we have two grown up kids but even then we enjoy our married life as perhaps a newly wedded couple. We often visit places like parks, hillsides and adventure clubs whenever there is some free time like weekends or holidays. My wife loves to ride roller coaster every time we visit an adventure club. Unfortunately, a few months back she has been diagnosed asthma but this has not reduced her love for fun and entertainment. As a safety precaution, I just want to know if roller coasters safe for asthmatics.

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  1. James Harley

    Anyone who does not happen to have a medical background would certainly answer this question probably with a big NO. Perhaps an ordinary doctor who may not have explored that much will come up with a similar answer. Nevertheless, the truth is that Asthma can be cured by riding a roller coaster. One may think that an asthmatic person wouldn’t be caught dead riding a coaster, whereas it has been proved that positive emotional stress of riding a rollercoaster can actually interfere with their breathing troubles. Hence it is rather advisable to the asthmatics to ride a roller coaster.

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