Are swollen lymph nodes common during pregnancy?

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Are swollen lymph nodes common during pregnancy?

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  1. salim
    I am not sure that having swollen lymph nodes is common but one thing is for sure that it is  perfectly normal and related to the changes in our bodies, especially producing milk during pregnancy.

    Some women develop them during their first time and some 2nd or 3rd time. It varies and I know that a female finds it uncomfortable during their pregnancy but you have got nothing to worry about. Just relax yourself and if you feel like you can also have advise from your doctor or mid-wife.

  2. Guest9520

    i have a swollen lymph node right below left breast an about inch and half to two.  I just noticed about 2 weeks ago.  i am 31 weeks pregnant.  is this common in this area too?  3rd pregnancy and didnt have with first two. cs

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