Are the Associate teams in or out of the Cricket World cup 2015?

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Hey! I want to know whether associate nations like Netherlands will be playing the world cup or not? I would like to see small teams getting a chance to grow and learn from the top cricketing nations of the world.

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    ICC made an initial decision of limiting the 2015 cricket World Cup to ten teams. But now it seems like the associate teams will be getting a breather after all. There is no doubt in the fact that it will be a major boost for all the Associate teams.  The ICC Cricket Committee has recommended that there be a qualifying process for the 2015 World Cup after a two-day meeting at Lord's. Though the recommendations are far from binding, the development will be warmly received by the nations who had seemingly been locked out of the tournament by the ICC's initial decision.

    Warren Deutrom, the Cricket Ireland CEO, told ESPNcricinfo, "its excellent news that another group of people have put their support behind the need for a qualifying process,"

    "Unanimous decision by ICC Cricket Committee to recommend to the Chief Exec Committee there be a qualifier for CWC 2015. A great result!" Trent Johnston, the former Ireland captain, was the Associate representative on the cricket committee and posted this reaction on Twitter.

    The subject will now be passed on to the Chief Executives' Committee (CEC) for commendation before lastly being submitted to the ICC Executive Board for approval. At its assembly on April 4, two days after the World Cup final, the ICC board had resolved to sanction only the 10 full components in the 2015 publication to be hosted in Australia and New Zealand, a determination greeted with incredulity by both the slabs and cricketers of numerous Associate nations. 

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