AIDS and HIV treatment methods discovered so far

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One thing is for sure that anyone who has been diagnosed AIDS and HIV positive will be waiting for death with every moment that passes by. It is just like a traveler who is sitting on a railway station platform and waiting for the train. Somehow in the last couple of decades, there have been some remarkable discoveries and inventions by medical science that the treatment of AIDS and HIV does not seem inaccessible. Although I am not a patient or victim of the deadly disease but just for the sake of my knowledge would like to know if there are any treatment methods for AIDS and HIV discovered so far.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    It may not sound good but the truth is that so far there has not been any permanent cure for HIV/AIDS invented. However, there are few methods developed by the researchers which probably slow down the progress of the disease.

    Use of Herbs and homeopathic medicines. According to the Chinese research, homeopathic and Ayruvedic medicines made from herbs are helpful in improving the immune system and fight against diseases. Besides, the homeopathic medicines can prove to be cheap drugs for people with AIDS and having low income.

    Planned Diet. People with HIV/AIDS have mild immune systems and often have problems like nausea, malabsorption, diarrhea and infections preventing fat storage. Hence it is important for a patient to develop a diet that accomplishes the essential nutrients needed to stop weight loss.

    Other Methods. Certain methods like Acupuncture, massage therapy and Chiropractors can provide some relief to certain pains and discomforts during HIV and AIDS. 

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