Are there any complications regarding the Acne?

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I am facing problem of Acne for quite sometime now, I would like to know is there any chance of Acne affecting the skin and causing other medical complications.

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  1. Guest4740

    In some cases you have to watch out for Acne as it can create some complications regarding health and also causing scars. These complications can be Changes in skin color, you will see some of your skin color change in case of Acne , sometimes there might be a cyst that can grow due to complications of Acne, and these cysts can cause you pain and should be treated as prescribed by the doctor. If there is a lot of Acne on your face then it can also effect your social image and appearance as it will result in damaging the confidence and personality of a person, thus effects the social life of a person. In some cases if you have been facing the problem of Acne for quite sometime now then this will also result in Permanent facial scars.

    In some cases you have to take Acutance which is a medicine that can help you in curing the Acne but on the other side it will also create problems for you that include damage skin and damage mucus membrane, it can also cause liver damage, and also effects the birth of a baby in a person. Similarly you have to look out for various complication that can arise from the medicines used to treat Acne.


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