Are there any existing competitors in the Russian Market?

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Are there any existing competitors in the Russian Market?

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  1. amomipais82
    The main factors affecting the market of glass wool include:
    Growth of residential construction (cottages, town houses, multistory apartment buildings, office blocks).
    Growth of office, commercial and industrial construction (business centers, big trade centers, covered markets, exhibition centers, plants, factories).
    The residential construction market is in good shape. According to the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation 714.1 thousand apartments with a total floor area of 60.4 million sq.m. were commissioned in 2007. It made 119.4% against the corresponding period of the previous year, while in 2006 the residential construction growth rate against 2005 was 116.1%.

    In 2007 non-residential construction increased by 48% in number of commissioned projects and by 77% in the total floor area of all commissioned facilities. Structure of non-residential construction underwent significant changes during the past year.

    Domestic production prevails on Russian glass wool market now. According to the experts the market now partially depends on imports. In 2005-2007 construction growth resulted in the increased demand for heat insulation including glass wool. Imports from Asia grew during these years and large international manufacturers started developing their facilities established in Russia.

    The Russian glass wool market is oligopolistic: 5 big players share the most of the market. New small producers are hardly possible in this situation. The biggest players of the glass wool market such as Saint-Gobain, Ursa and Knauf become hot competitors. According to the experts the current market situation is quite and the companies are not going to take the plunges but everything can change within the next five years.

    Production of glass wool is mainly located in the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation. The high concentration level is explained with proximity to the market outlets. Until recently Moscow and the Moscow region had the highest demand for glass wool due to dynamic construction of cottages, warehouses, offices and industrial premises. Now we can say that demand gradually shifts to the regions.

  2. paafamily
    Well, you can read and download the article from the following link.

    All you need is a adobe reader.

    Hope that helps,
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