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I have been listening to a number of psoriasis treatments eversince I happen to know about this skin infection. Most of the treatments that I have come across have proved to be more or less the same that are known to me since the first time my father had it in late 1970s. As per my information, treating psoriasis can prolong for a few years. I know some people who have not shown any remarkable improvement though been treating psoriasis since quite long. Hence I would like to know if by any chance there are any latest psoriasis treatments introduced by the medical science recently.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    There have been certainly some news about the latest psoriasis treatments but so far nothing has been quite well-known. In most cases, psoriasis goes away after a certain period of time. Instead of trying something different it is advisable to stick to the conventional psoriasis treatments before something new and really effective gets introduced from the medical science.

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