Military careers for civilians.

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As per the information that I have about joining military services is that you have to go through a certain selection and recruitment process. However, I have come to know that there are some fields in which you do not have to go through the usual military selection process. Please tell me if there are any such careers in military for civilians.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    This is true that you have to go through a certain selection and recruitment process in order to join military services but there are some field in which the recruitment process is quite different. Such fields may include medical, administration, finance, education and Information Technology. These jobs are usually advertised in the newspapers so those who meet the required criteria can apply for the jobs. The selection process is very much the same as it is for other posts but may include some extra written and oral tests. Nevertheless, the training period is only for a few months or hardly a year. By the end of training, proper military ranks are awarded to all those who pass out.

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